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Visual artists showcase work at skateboard art show
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 1:25 PM

Earlier this month, our amazing artists joined youth from around the Twin Cities to showcase original skateboard art pieces in "BLANK SLATE– A Students Skateboard Art Exhibition."

As part of the FAIR+ after-school program, nearly a dozen FAIR students used blank skateboards as a canvas for artistic expression. Facilitated by Rivard Art Education, the experience culminated in a Jan. 16 art show at Cal Surf

“It was a good opportunity to learn and grow as an artist,” said Grace Anderson, a FAIR senior. She painted the underside of her skateboard with a sunset backdrop behind a house on a cliff.

Hanging next to Grace’s board, sophomore Emmett Bostic’s work featured Leg Cow, a character he created a few months ago that fits the name: It’s the head of a cow with no body and very long legs. “It was cool seeing Leg Cow in a gallery setting,” Emmett said.

“Blank Slate,” a title conceptualized by the students, represents the idea of materializing a thought or an idea into the physical world through the creative process — starting with a blank slate and working to create original art grounded in self-expression. 

Facilitated by Rivard Art Education, the art show took place at Cal Surf

a white wall lined with painted skateboards
Skateboard Art Show at Cal Surf