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FAIR+ High School After School Programs

FAIR+ continues online! To learn more about classes and paid learning opportunities, please visit the FAIR+ Google Site or click the FAIR+ logo above!

What is FAIR+ ?
FAIR+  is a school-community partnership program that improves the school experience by engaging students through individualized learning opportunities. The real-world experience delivered through FAIR+ classes align individual needs, interests, and aspirations to a student’s pathway for college and/or careers. Lives are enriched when students have opportunities to pursue passions while they develop relevant skills and gain experience in an authentic setting. Students have more choices, allowing them to engage in and shape their education, which ultimately uncovers the path that is right for them. FAIR+ opportunities are made possible as part of a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant.

FAIR+ Code of Conduct
Students involved in FAIR+ classes are seen as ambassadors of their school while in the community and should act in ways that reflect positively on their school at all times.  We expect this to continue as more partners see the highly engaged, creative, and respectful students active in the community. Students agree to follow their district's Student Handbook, all applicable district policies, as well as all the rules and expectations of our partner locations. FAIR + classes require students to be independent, responsible, mature, motivated, engaged and ready to participate in a professional setting. Students who do not meet these high standards of participation may be removed from the program. 

Additional Waivers
Some FAIR+ classes require additional paperwork including liability waivers to be handed in directly to the partner organization. When possible, these forms will be made available on the website. Failure to return relevant forms may result in students being removed from a program.

FAIR+ Transportation Information
As part of the FAIR+ experience, students begin to learn to navigate their community in order to pursue their passions. As a result of our location and an efficient public transportation system, the majority of FAIR+ classes are readily accessible to most students by public transit. Metro Transit passes are provided to all students in MPS. Students enrolled in FAIR+ classes will need to pay attention to the specific transportation details for each class. Due to the varying times of FAIR+ classes, the coordination of transportation to and from classes will be the responsibility of the student and their parent/guardian. It is vital that a clear plan is developed between students and parents/guardians for transportation home from each FAIR+ class. If transportation issues become a barrier for participation, please do not hesitate to contact the FAIR + office as a solution can generally be found. Relevant parent/guardian contact information as well as emergency contact information will be shared with partner organizations in order to facilitate communication between parents/guardians and the partner organization.

Survey Information and Data Collection
To find out how children and youth are doing in our program, we use a questionnaire called the Survey of After-School Youth Outcomes (SAYO). The SAYO looks at youth’s participation in after-school activities and measures healthy outcomes for children and youth. In addition, we use the federal teachers survey and occasional other forms for collecting program quality, program experience, attendance and demographic data. All information collected will be kept confidential, and your child’s name will not appear on SAYO or other materials. Findings from the surveys are combined and reported on a group level. No individual children or youth will be identified.

The information gathered is used to improve our after-school program and to generate greater support for after-school programs in our community. Your participation is voluntary. If you do not wish for your child to participate, please print, sign and return the form available on our website.

PDF Parent Consent Form   --  This form must be filled out and turned into the FAIR+ office before the student may participate.