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Equity, Innovation, Excellence and Creativity

The FAIR School is the Downtown Minneapolis premier community school. Rooted in arts, equity,  innovation and creativity, the FAIR School provides rich programming, relevant instruction, and fosters high achievement, cultural understanding, global citizenship, and a robust network of partnerships that help engage and empower students in personalizing their learning experience.


The FAIR School provides a safe, integrated, equitable, and multi-generational learning community where rigorous study combined with real world experiences and opportunities allow every student to understand who they are. Students get to know their strengths, talents, and passions so they can engage and transform their world.


Excellence Through Arts Integration

Our commitment to arts education gives students the opportunity to actively engage in culturally relevant and student-centered curricula. Through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction, students make cognitive connections across several disciplines. In addition, students are taught using a sequential curricula, learning age appropriate skills and concepts for each arts area. Students experience arts areas through a variety of genres and historical time periods.


The FAIR School provides students an academic school day with a variety of courses designed to prepare all students for success after graduation. Students enroll in courses that meet both local and state graduation requirements. Our school year is divided into 4 quarters. Students earn .25 credit per class at the end of each quarter.


Fine Arts

At FAIR School Downtown, our commitment to arts education gives students the opportunity to actively engage in culturally relevant and student-centered curricula that promotes critical and creative thinking. Along with reading, writing, math, science and other core subjects, students at FAIR School Downtown may progress sequentially through each of four areas in the fine arts: theatre, music, media arts and visual arts. The arts are also integrated into academic study, providing hands-on learning opportunities. For example, in a science unit students may learn how sound from musical instruments is created. In a social studies unit, students may connect the cultural and arts traditions of people in other nations. Guest artists work with teachers and students to support the interdisciplinary experience. Students have many opportunities to learn as well as to demonstrate their learning through the fine arts. 


Our focus on arts education increases students’ cultural understanding and develops them socially, linguistically, and cognitively through a broad variety of hands on experiences. Our commitment to arts education gives students in high school the opportunity to actively engage in culturally relevant and student centered curricula. Through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction, students make cognitive connections across several  disciplines. Sharing in the richness of the arts community of the Twin Cities, we have established partnerships with professional arts organizations and postsecondary schools. 


Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO)

FAIR students are both encouraged and prepared to take advantage of the PSEO program offered by the state. Eligible sophomores, juniors, and seniors are able to take college courses while earning high school credits. PSEO colleges attended include the University of Minnesota, Normandale Community College, and Minneapolis Community & Technical College. During the 2015-2016 school year, FAIR had 64% of its eligible students enrolled in part-time or full-time PSEO.


Arts Residencies

In collaboration with artistic partners, FAIR Downtown provides students with unique learning opportunities called Arts Residencies. Local artists from various community groups work with students to share their expertise and enhance the students’ learning experiences through interactive programming. These residencies take place in the academic and arts classrooms as well as in the FAIR Downtown  Community. 


FAIR+ After-School Programming

Made available by 21st Century Learning Center Program, FAIR+ enriches the lives of students with opportunities to pursue passions while they develop relevant skills and gain experience in an authentic setting. FAIR+ is made available through a 21st Century Learning Center. Lives are enriched when students have opportunities to pursue passions.


FAIR+ Partnerships

The student experience is enriched by the partnerships FAIR Downtown has with local organizations and professionals.  FAIR School Downtown partners with the following institutions: University of St. ThomasHennepin Theatre Trust, Target Corporation, YMCA, Stages Theatre Company, MacPhail Center for the Arts,  Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Ameriprise Financial,  Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, and the University of Minnesota.


Grading System

A Standard 4.0 grading system with letter grades of A, B, C, D, or F is used. PSEO courses are not weighted as part of the GPA. Class rank is based on GPA and includes all marks earned in grades 9-12. Grades are recorded on the transcript and grade point average is computed after each quarter (4 times per year).


Lifelong Athletics

We partner with Patrick Henry High School for all athletic teams.  



2019 FAIR and Beyond Graduation Requirements: 22

4 English credits 

3.5 Social Studies credits

3 Science credits 

3 Math credits

.5 Physical Ed credit 

.5 Health credit

4 Fine Arts credits 

3 Elective credits

Total: 21.5