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Staff Directory
Anderson, Ben

Anderson, Chris

Physcial Therapist

Bedward, Paulette

Health Assistant
Bonine, Angelique

Social Studies 9 & 12
Bostrom, Sam

Biology, Environmental Science and Health
Collins, Tracey

High School Band & Keyboarding
Conwell, Amy

High School Visual Arts
Criss, Alison

English Grade 10 & 11
Cumming, Mary Pat

Interim Principal
Dornacher, Lisa

Jobs for America's Graduates
Epps, Melvin

Dean of Students
Felder, Katherine

Chemistry and Food Science
Fenske, Greta

School Psychologist
Gitchuway, Tilly

Food Services
Guaghan, Michael

Elementary Visual Arts
Hackett, Terry

Supervisory Building & Grounds
Honcharoff, Amber

Speech Therapist - Elementary
Hurt, Gwendolyn

Associate Educator
Hussien, Deeqaifah

High School Special Services
Jochems, Sara

2nd Grade Teacher
Johnson, Kelli

Speech Therapist - High School

Kelli Johnson612.668.1060
Judeh, Sherene

Prinicpal Intern
Justice, Robert

Building & Grounds
Krousey, Karen

HIgh School & Elementary Physical Education
Larson, Avis

Elementary/High School Special Services
Littlefield, Susan

Title I
Mah, Christopher

English Grade 9 & 12
Maxey, Kenny

Athletic Director
Meyers, Andrew

Sound Art Percussion
Minus, Renisha

Special Education Assistant
Mitchum, Latoyra

Special Education Assistant
Moline, Robert

Mudek, Martin

Social Studies 10 & 11
Nellis, Justin

Vocal Music/Elementary Music
Nelson, Clarice

Business Office
Nelson, Lawrence

High School Visual & Media Arts
Orth, Daniel

2nd Grade Teacher
Pajak, Sean

Patterson, Rebecca

3rd Grade Teacher
Pfaffinger, Justin

Algebra and Pre-Calculus
Ricart, Michelle

Licensed School Nurse
Riechert, Janet

High School Special Services
Roble, Julia

3rd Grade Teacher
Rush, Kayci

School Social Worker
Samples, Andre

High School Theater
Shearer, McKenna

Occupational Therapist
Springer, Matt

Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4
Teynor, Megan

Partnerships Coordinator
Thompson, Yvette

Special Education Assistant
Tracey, Patrick

Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics
Tsakistos, Lindsay

Physical and Health Disabilities
Valek, Rebecca

High School Counselor
Walker, Michael

Wiggins, Kalisha

Office Specialist and Transportation
Wolfe, John

English Language Learners
Wright, Kathleen

1st Grade Teacher